George Street Spiced - Nobody knows RUM like we do!

Nobody knows RUM like we do.
We mix, serve, and drink more of it than anyone!
From the biggest little Street in North America,
comes the authentic creation of over 20 local Mixologists.

Made by Newfoundlanders for the discerning RUM drinker. George Street Spiced is bottled right here in our own backyard thanks to Rock Spirits, a growing Newfoundland based spirits company.

With the most bars per square foot in North America, George Street is synonymous with late nights and good times. This brand is a tribute to one of the top entertainment districts in the world, a true testament to Newfoundland hospitality.

Nobody drinks and mixes more RUM than we do - so who better to craft the perfect blend?
Over 20 mixologists put their skills together and crafted a taste that will win your senses over. You can thank them for a product influenced by a history of Newfoundland RUM experts!

The caramel butterscotch toffee aroma and notes of subtle spice and vanilla are a consequence of this RUM'S extra maturation, aged much longer in oak casks compared to other spiced RUMS. This makes for a better tasting, flavourful spiced blend, worthy of any seasoned RUM drinker.

George & Cola

2 oz - George Street Spiced RUM

6 oz - Cola

Mix in an ice-filled tumbler glass and garnish with lime.

Cola is the perfect sidekick to George Street Spiced Rum! When combined, this mixture brings out the vanilla notes naturally produced during the RUM'S maturation process. This leaves you with a delicious flavour of Vanilla Cola!

Small Island Spiced Tea

.25 oz - Vodka, Gin, Tequila and Grand Marnier

1 oz - George Street Spiced RUM

1 oz - Equal parts water, sugar, lemon juice, and lime juice

Mix ingredients in a cocktail shaker

Pour over an ice-filled glass and add a splash of Cola.

Get your night started right with a Small Island Spiced Tea. This drink packs a wallop of flavour and much like our island, has a high alcohol concentration. Please drink responsibly!

Cup O' George

1 oz - George Street Spiced RUM

1 oz - Kahlua

8 oz - Coffee

Top off with ground cinnamon and/or whipped cream.

Who needs Joe when you can have George? For the perfect evening wind-down or dessert accompaniment, try this delicious coffee beverage with a kick of Kahlua and our very of George Street Spiced RUM.

The Buttered Pancake

1 oz - George Street Spiced RUM

1 oz - Peach Schnapps

6 oz - Cola

Mix ingredients in scotch glass.

This shot gives a whole new meaning to the phrase liquid breakfast. Pound this delicious beverage back quickly and the combination gives you the delightful taste of maple syrup!

The Costanza

2 oz - George Street Spiced RUM

2 oz - Ginger Ale

2 oz - Cranberry Juice

Pour over an ice-filled glass with lime.

Start this drink off by squirting lime into the bottom of your glass, dropping in the lime and filling the glass with ice. Next, add your desired amount of delicious George Street Spiced Rum, followed by Ginger Ale and a splash of cranberry juice. Enjoy!

The Biggest Little Street in
North America

  • With over 22 bars and pubs packed into two small blocks, George Street has the most bars and pubs per square foot of any street in North America.
  • George Street is only open to vehicle traffic between the hours of 8:00AM and noon to allow bars to restock their goods. The only vehicles seen on the street after these hours are from the local police department.
  • George Street is what many successful Canadian bands call home. Many famous groups got their start in the small pubs and clubs on George Street, even the internationally renowned, Great Big Sea!
  • The "Great Fire" of June 9, 1846 started on George Street in the shop of a careless cabinet maker. This fire destroyed most of downtown St. John's and resulted in property loses estimated at 888,356.
  • George Street is home to the six-night "George Street Festival" which occurs in early August and concludes on the night before the "Royal St. John's Regatta". This festival is rumoured to be the largest of its kind in North America with over 120,000 people making their way through the street during the six-day period.

Rock Spirits

A growing, Newfoundland based spirits company and proud bottlers of George Street Spiced RUM.

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